1We organize air shipments from the Chopin’s Airport in Warsaw. We cooperate with Turkey’s, Czech’s and Russian’s airlines. We play an essential role on the air shipments and export market to Central Asia. Our main job is exporting different kinds of goods and working on our client order. We look for goods to export and we negotiate requirements in our and in our clients behalf. The efficacy of implementing air orders and speed of delivery allows our clients to collect orders for goods with guarantee of delivery within 10 days (including taking goods from Europe). We have signed contracts with companies on the airport which are working in our behalf and are doing: receipt of goods, revising, packing, shipment of completed goods.
Workflow of documents and organization of shipments thanks to our experience are on the highest level and are perfectly organized. If you are interested in exporting goods from Poland or Europe to countries of Central Asia we will be happy to help you!
80-850 Gdańsk, ul. Rajska 6, pok.210

tel. +48 507 045 573,
skype: tatiana.wojtys.poleksport