The History of Company

23PHZ Poleksport Tatiana Wojtyś company is situated in beautiful historical town Gdańsk by the Baltic Sea on the north of Poland. From the office, which is located on the Gdańsk’s well known Old City, we manage the whole logistic process and we organize multimodal deliveries in which our company is specialized in. Looking every day on the historical, over thousand-year-old buildings of Gdańsk we confirm ourselves in belief that only solid enterprise have a chance to survive through the time.
Solidity, reliability, competitiveness, professionalism and security – these are pillars of our activity. Transport is everywhere around us and with the development of civilization it is getting more and more important in every field of our life. Success of every enterprise is dependent majorly on accurate logistics solutions. Our company has experience and knowledge thanks to which we can realize every even the most venturesome project! We advise our partners on how to provide goods in the best and cheapest way. What is more, together with our partners we are building modern solutions which are contributing to the development of our companies.
PHZ Poleksport Tatiana Wojtyś company is on the market since 2006. Profile of our activity is: logistics, transport and export goods from Europe to countries of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan). We know the shipment market in Europe and realities in car, railway and air transportation thanks to what we can earnestl108y work out and realize every order from our client. We load carriages in goods coming from many plants in Europe and North America.
Sometimes, conveyors and freight forwarders forget about security while carrying the goods because the most important factor for them is low price. We always pay attention to who we are giving to our shipments, we check companies and we have bunch of friendly companies – our partners. We offer plenty possibilities of realizing transport shipments from train shipments to air or containers together with comprehensive service which includes storage, handling, converting and shipment to the carriage. Each question and order is treated individually. Company’s personnel professionally analize how to organize every shipment in the best way.
Poleksport company is dynamically developing and optimistically looking in the future. Join us! We look forward to your cooperation!
80-850 Gdańsk, ul. Rajska 6, pok.210

+48 507 045 573,
skype: tatiana.wojtys.poleksport